New Shamall album „is this human behavior“ is coming up on 11/26/09!

Is this human behavior 2 CD
digipak, catalog-nr.: 2L-2017
release date: 26.11.2009
29 tracks, ca. 156 min
Shamall - Is this human behavior 2 CD
On his more recent albums „who do they think they are“ to „questions of life“ Shamall dealed with dishonest politics or with questions of the meaning of life. With the new concept album „is this human behavior“ Shamall addresses himself to social coldness and superficialty of the society.The 65-minute title theme of the first cd „is this human behavior“ shows in a familiar, multi-faceted way with different tension curves, that Norbert Krueler feels musically at home in the psychedelic-progressive era of the seventies and eighties, but without sounding ancient.
But it’s not the music itself, which reminds of the well-known musicians of the 70’s and 80’s – rather the sounds used by Shamall and his inspired way of playing conveys this feeling.The title theme of the second cd „living incommunicado“ goes on with the first cd, but with different melodies and soli. The whole album is another proof, that Shamall is not tired to perfect the work on his musical project.However, Shamall’s 12th album is anything but musical fastfood, which you could listen to only by the way. And as no meaningful speech goes without pathos, Shamall’s music is intrinsically tied to pathos as well. But if one likes this kind of music and goes in for musical long tracks, with this album you’ll get one’s money’s worth.

Guest musicians on some tracks are – as on previous shamall releases – Matthias Mehrtens on guitar and Mike Bach on drums.

First sound samples are here.

Music circus magazine reviewed „Ambiguous points of view“

Ambiguous Points of View
Double CD – special edition!
Mediabook with 28-page booklet
release date: 15.12.2006
32 tracks, ca. 156 min
„…Ambiguous Points Of View“ is the 10th release from Norbert Krueler aka Shamall, who demonstrates his ability to produce progressive rock and krautrock as well as electronic music. The incipiencies of becoming more progressive were shown on Shamall’s previous releases „The Book: Genesis“ and „who do they think they are“. With the new album „Ambiguous points of view“, the metamorphosis from an electronic artist to a progressive rock project has been completed. The double-cd comes up with a first-class digibook, which could easily match with the state-of-the-art releases from the progressive label „Inside Out“ […]
And the music matches the extraordinary visual appearance as well, because both musical themes „Everything Has Two Sides“ and „Far Away From Reality“ attract your ears instantly. On both epic titles, which consist of several parts, Shamall performs a mixture between Pink Floyd and Eloy, combining this with his very own musical style. Everyone, who grew up with Pink Floyd’s music from „Dark Side Of Moon“ up to „The Wall“ and with the early works (70’s-80’s) of the german krautrock band Eloy, will feel at home with „Ambiguous points of view“ [….]

In my opinion, this album is one of the musical highlights of the year 2006. Both visual appearance and music are first-class and I could recommended this release without any restrictions. This album is available as limited edition only, so don’t miss it….“

Stephan Schelle, January 2007


New double album: Ambiguous Points of View

New album: Ambiguous Points of View
Shamall – Ambiguous points of view, 2cd, digibook (2006)
Over almost three decades Norbert Krueler has formed the alternative rock scene by his work as resident DJ in a big Rock Club in the northern part of Germany, as he decided to focus exclusively on his music project Shamall three years ago.
Since the foundation in 1986, Shamall has produced biyearly a new album. Especially in recent years, his creative power was as inexorable, that the latest 4 albums were released as full-length double discs. He was accompanied by considerably different musicians over the past years. On conceiving a new album, Norbert tries to dissolve mentally from his respective previous work: „…when I’m working on a new album, I always bring to mind my latest work to avoid copying myself. Furthermore I want to meet an intellectual challenge with every new album and get over a musical barrier, which I hadn’t managed before…“
Since Shamall has successfully produced italo-disco in the eighties and made formidable electronic music in the nineties, his musical ambition has been changed. As following his own motivation, not to be musically pigeonholed he always tries to bring in new musical elements to his music. On „ambiguous points of view“ different guitars and vocals play a decisive role together with monumental sound. Due to the manifold interaction of these elements the last step of the metamorphosis from an electronic artist to a progressive / psychedelic rock project has been done effectively.
So „ambiguous points of view“ is a musical augmentation, but goes also back to the roots: the double album contains only two themes, which expands over the whole album in the tried and tested way of the 70’s and 80’s. Musically the influences of some well-known bands of the alternative / psychedelic rock scene of the 70′ and 80′ era appear on the new album. A trademark of those bands was their pleasure to create musical experiments and their audibly LOVE to make music. These remarkable signs are omnipresent on „ambiguous points of view“.
But the fan of Shamall’s earlier works hasn’t got to fear too extreme experimental debaucheries: „…The melody itself still represents the cultural heart of Shamall. It mustn’t pale beside the overload of equipment or by technical abilities of individual musicians. Heart, culture and brainpower should always be the well-balanced backbone of Shamall. Shamall is just a child of the colourful flower-power-hippie-era…“ (Norbert Krueler)