First review of the new album „Is this human behavior“

Shamall – Is this human behavior 2 cd (2009)
related: Pink Floyd, Eloy
Review by Walter Sehrer
Shamall - Is this human behavior 2 CD
Norbert Krueler alias Shamall has been hard-working again. Fans of longtracks will get one’s money’s worth entirely with this double-cd. The single tracks respectively parts flow smoothly into each other, that it may give the impression of a sole composition (of 78 minutes in case of CD 01).The first CD starts with mellow e-piano and heavy e-guitar sounds – Shamall creates slowly and with a lot of breathing space a kind of atmospheric space-prog, which reminds often at the seventies‘ Pink Floyd era. Chanting synths like in „Wish you were here“- or „Animals“-days arise a – high-class – kind of futuristic „Picture Music“, where the listener evolves his own mind movie.Thematically this album deals with the ignorant behavior of the mankind towards their environment – similar to the current album of the german krautrock band eloy. Krueler knows to stage a thunder-storm of epic and space-sounds – even better than on his previous releases. So it’s worth to go for an expedition here and despite of a few single redundancies, it’s always a true pleasure to listen.

The second CD „Living incommunicado“ is more rock-oriented with a lot of guitar parts and soli. Bonus-tracks perfect this album.

c/o „eclipsed rock magazine“, Walter Sehrer, issue 12/09-01/10


New Shamall album „is this human behavior“ is coming up on 11/26/09!

Is this human behavior 2 CD
digipak, catalog-nr.: 2L-2017
release date: 26.11.2009
29 tracks, ca. 156 min
Shamall - Is this human behavior 2 CD
On his more recent albums „who do they think they are“ to „questions of life“ Shamall dealed with dishonest politics or with questions of the meaning of life. With the new concept album „is this human behavior“ Shamall addresses himself to social coldness and superficialty of the society.The 65-minute title theme of the first cd „is this human behavior“ shows in a familiar, multi-faceted way with different tension curves, that Norbert Krueler feels musically at home in the psychedelic-progressive era of the seventies and eighties, but without sounding ancient.
But it’s not the music itself, which reminds of the well-known musicians of the 70’s and 80’s – rather the sounds used by Shamall and his inspired way of playing conveys this feeling.The title theme of the second cd „living incommunicado“ goes on with the first cd, but with different melodies and soli. The whole album is another proof, that Shamall is not tired to perfect the work on his musical project.However, Shamall’s 12th album is anything but musical fastfood, which you could listen to only by the way. And as no meaningful speech goes without pathos, Shamall’s music is intrinsically tied to pathos as well. But if one likes this kind of music and goes in for musical long tracks, with this album you’ll get one’s money’s worth.

Guest musicians on some tracks are – as on previous shamall releases – Matthias Mehrtens on guitar and Mike Bach on drums.

First sound samples are here.