Review of Shamall – Schizophrenia from Eclipsed Rock Magazine Germany + Samplertrack of “Music from Time & Space”

Norbert Krüler alias Shamall doesn’t do it under a two-story plane. This time he deals with the shallows of the human mind up to mental illness, uncomfortable truths and agonizing self-discovery. Musically, he spans exactly the same cosmos as always, namely Floydy scenes, equipped with strong electronic devices, but also hard guitars. However, with “Schizophrenia” he succeeds in one of his musically most exciting works. The almost twenty-minute title track unfolds slowly, but powerfully, extremely proggy and dark, with the necessary large dynamics and a very cool, high-flying floydy synthesizer solo. “Foolin’ myself” shines with a wonderful acoustic guitar. Shamall treats himself to many instrumentals: sometimes neoclassical (“Thoughts”), sometimes spacy (“On the run”), sometimes progmetal (“World of Emotions”). Otherwise, it’s also fitting that he often sings in high lament registers. Lots of bombastic longtracks, lots of recurring musical themes and, as always, it’s only one continuous movie, which is like a mental rollercoaster ride you have to get involved with.
P.S.: High quality surrealistic artwork.
Top track: Schizophrenia
Rang: 8/10
c/o Walter Sehrer, Eclipsed Rock Magazine, 12/2019 – 01/2020


SHAMALL – All The Answers (9:09) on Eclipsed Sampler “Music from Time and Space, Vol. 72”
Album: Schizophrenia (2CD) (2019)
Label/Vertrieb: 2L

As always SHAMALL offers great head cinema. This time the theme is even darker: tormenting thoughts to the point of mental self-abasement. Musically all Eloy- and Pink-Floyd fans are addressed. “All The Answers” is a nine-minute maelstrom of electronically padded art rock with hard rock explosions.

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