New Shamall double album “Turn Off” will be released on November, 20th!

street date_ 11/20/2013
Turn Off 2 CD digipak – street date: 11/20/2013



Four years after the release of the successful double album “Is this human behavior” Shamall is back now with nearly 160 minutes of great songs full of emotions and finest impressive retro prog.Even after almost 28 years, the 16th Shamall-release “Turn Off” shows no signs of fatigue at all. While Norbert Krueler basically stayed true to his line, the new album has been enriched with the female voice of vocal artist Anke Ullrich. Whether solo or second voice or choir: These female vocals know how to please. Generally the authentic vocals ensure that the music never turned out too sterile. Once again, “Turn Off ” attend to global environmental problems, along the lines, that music is the best medium to provoke thoughts concerning political or ecological issues.

The recent opus “Turn Off” is another proof of Shamall’s reputation as “German Pink Floyd with own influences” because of his energetic, dynamic synthesizers and keyboards. This style of playing convinces with great power and clarity and shouldn’t be listened to in the background. However the whole album does not turn into another Pink Floyd Clone because of the interplay of keyboards with the guitar of Matthias Mehrtens, who has grown up in the era of Steve Vai, but mutated into an independent musical development with many variants and impressive compositions.

Despite more recent musical influences, the spirit of the 70s and 80s is omnipresent.

Sometimes dreamy lifted, sometimes playful and funky, guitars and synthesizers provide always an exciting battle. Like its predecessors, “Turn Off ” is composed of two musical main themes, where vocal passages either finalize or dissolve the arc of suspense. Atmospheric soundscapes, passionately played, arouse curiosity of what comes next.

This album is dramatic and melancholic. Goosebumps guaranteed.


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