New double album “Schizophrenia” is scheduled for October, 28th.

August, 25th 2019
What lasts long will finally be good.
It took a really long time. But now FINALLY I am very happy to say that the double album is almost finished!
And now – before I would go to the “make it worse”, I just say “Finish – that’s it now – That’s how it stays” – I am very satisfied with the final result.
I hope of course that we’ll also hit your musical nerve again this time.
I’ll say that much: the album rocks, – sometimes even quite hard for Shamall. It’s balladesque and is of course experimental again. And as always the short songs are in the minority.

Here is the first draft of the “Schizophrenia” album!

If everything goes on like this, music and artwork of this will be finished within the next 14 days. So it is expected to be released on October 28th.
As with most of the previous albums, this will be of course a double album again ?

And finally a short personal not: With the “growing up” nothing will be spared. Before the album will come out I have to go to hospital for a small respiratory surgery and will be “Out Of Order” for a few days.
Hence the later date.

Have a good week, my friends!

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