New album: Questions of Life

Local press: Shamall releases his eleventh album “Questions of Life” / Norbert Krüler lives in Langwedel

“Questions of Life” – this is the title of what has become the eleventh studio album of Shamall, the musical project of the resident DJ from the rock club “Aladin Music Hall”, Norbert Krueler. Norbert composed and produced the entire album independently and except for two guitar solos, which originate from his friend Matthias Mehrtens, he plays all the instrumental parts in his recording studio on his own. He arranged the tracks, wrote lyrics, vocalized and even designed the cover art. Since Shamall was founded in 1986, its musical direction changed several times. Shamall’s latest albums show a melodic blend of progressive and psychedelic rock. Although “Questions of Life” is a pure studio album and – less or more a one-man show – it’s particularly surprising that a real band feeling arises – like on its predecessor “Ambiguous points of view”. This album features enthusiasm, vitality and creative ideas.

What about the motivation for Norbert to create “Questions of Life”? “I make music for music’s sake and I could say: “This album is innovative, brilliant and not to beat. But what should I say about my next cd? Every serious musician strives to do his best to give, so for me. This is a matter of course for each of my works. Naturally I try to avoid repetitions by bringing in new influences.”

Inspiration for this album are cognitions and worldly wisdoms. Musically the reflections on the meaning and purpose of being are presented impressively. “Questions of Life” is also about sayings, which could be very helpful in spite of its ostensible simplicity. Norbert: “My attitude towards life is altering with every day, because of new experiences, new impressions. Meaningful lyrics in my music are just as important as the music itself.”

How could the musical change be explained? Norbert: “In the early days of Shamall I was about 25 and produced italo-disco. In the nineties I was inspired to produce solely electronic music. Today I am older, my music is grown up. Bands like Pink Floyd, Rush and Alan Parsons play an important role in my musical history. Alternative, cross-genre music has always been and will ever be a reflection of my life. My personal ambition is to create thought-provoking music, which doesn’t need any pictures.”

The album “questions of life” is available in record stores and in the online-shop of Shamall’s record label “2L Productions” (

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