JPF Music Award 2017: Shamall is nominated 3 times AGAIN !

“Music, that moves….”
JPF Music Award – 3
nominations for Shamall album “TURN OFF”!!

Just Plain Folks Music Awards started in 1999 as a simple way to recognize the best music submitted by members. JPF Founder Brian Austin Whitney felt the music made by the “other 98%” of the music world often ignored by the mainstream televised music awards shows deserved its own recognition.

For the JPF Music Award of 2017 artists from all over the world submitted more than 17.400 music albums and 240K+ songs. No easy job for the jury, who have to nominee the best albums and songs.The judging criteria is based around one basic concept: Does the music move you? Shamall seems to move AGAIN – the double Album “TURN OFF” is nominated 3 times in two categories (Alternative Album Nominees, Alternative Song Nominees and Modern Pop/Rock Song Nominees).

JPF Awards 2017 Album Nominee
Song Nominee Alternative & Modern Pop / Rock



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