Music circus magazine reviewed “Ambiguous points of view”

Ambiguous Points of View
Double CD – special edition!
Mediabook with 28-page booklet
release date: 15.12.2006
32 tracks, ca. 156 min
“…Ambiguous Points Of View” is the 10th release from Norbert Krueler aka Shamall, who demonstrates his ability to produce progressive rock and krautrock as well as electronic music. The incipiencies of becoming more progressive were shown on Shamall’s previous releases “The Book: Genesis” and “who do they think they are”. With the new album “Ambiguous points of view”, the metamorphosis from an electronic artist to a progressive rock project has been completed. The double-cd comes up with a first-class digibook, which could easily match with the state-of-the-art releases from the progressive label “Inside Out” […]
And the music matches the extraordinary visual appearance as well, because both musical themes “Everything Has Two Sides” and “Far Away From Reality” attract your ears instantly. On both epic titles, which consist of several parts, Shamall performs a mixture between Pink Floyd and Eloy, combining this with his very own musical style. Everyone, who grew up with Pink Floyd’s music from “Dark Side Of Moon” up to “The Wall” and with the early works (70’s-80’s) of the german krautrock band Eloy, will feel at home with “Ambiguous points of view” [….]

In my opinion, this album is one of the musical highlights of the year 2006. Both visual appearance and music are first-class and I could recommended this release without any restrictions. This album is available as limited edition only, so don’t miss it….”

Stephan Schelle, January 2007


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