First review of the new album “Is this human behavior”

Shamall – Is this human behavior 2 cd (2009)
related: Pink Floyd, Eloy
Review by Walter Sehrer
Shamall - Is this human behavior 2 CD
Norbert Krueler alias Shamall has been hard-working again. Fans of longtracks will get one’s money’s worth entirely with this double-cd. The single tracks respectively parts flow smoothly into each other, that it may give the impression of a sole composition (of 78 minutes in case of CD 01).The first CD starts with mellow e-piano and heavy e-guitar sounds – Shamall creates slowly and with a lot of breathing space a kind of atmospheric space-prog, which reminds often at the seventies’ Pink Floyd era. Chanting synths like in “Wish you were here”- or “Animals”-days arise a – high-class – kind of futuristic “Picture Music”, where the listener evolves his own mind movie.Thematically this album deals with the ignorant behavior of the mankind towards their environment – similar to the current album of the german krautrock band eloy. Krueler knows to stage a thunder-storm of epic and space-sounds – even better than on his previous releases. So it’s worth to go for an expedition here and despite of a few single redundancies, it’s always a true pleasure to listen.

The second CD “Living incommunicado” is more rock-oriented with a lot of guitar parts and soli. Bonus-tracks perfect this album.

c/o “eclipsed rock magazine”, Walter Sehrer, issue 12/09-01/10


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