Eclipsed reviewed “Ambiguous points of view” (8/10)

Shamall – Ambiguous points of view 2 cd (2006)
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Review by Walter Sehrer

Ambiguous Points of View
The music project of the german musician and dj Norbert Krueler has developped continuously from pure italo-disco on electronic ambient to a progressive space-rock act.
With this concept album Krueler delivers a longtrack on each cd, subdivided in 14 respectively 15 parts, each one affected by Shamall’s very hypnotic handwriting.
Friends of extended spacey improvisations will find a lot of addictive drugs here. A competently psychedelic and ‘gilmouresque’ played guitar invites you to take off. In ‘everything has two sides’ the musician takes his time to let his sounds drifting along. And always there are clear Floyd-reminiscences, such as when the oscillating rhythm of ‘another brick in the wall’ appears or when the ‘sheep-intro’ is taken up. The extremely dynamic blend of electric guitars, electronic sounds and vocals is always compact and coherent.The only drawback: sometimes the constant overlapping songs get too homogeneous. On the second disc Shamall’s weaves more acoustic guitars and synth solos in the meandering sound snake of ‘far away from reality’.
Rating: 8/10 –c/o Eclipsed, Walter Sehrer, Sept. 2008

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