Review of Shamall – Schizophrenia from Eclipsed Rock Magazine Germany + Samplertrack of “Music from Time & Space”

Norbert Krüler alias Shamall doesn’t do it under a two-story plane. This time he deals with the shallows of the human mind up to mental illness, uncomfortable truths and agonizing self-discovery. Musically, he spans exactly the same cosmos as always, namely Floydy scenes, equipped with strong electronic devices, but also hard guitars. However, with “Schizophrenia” he succeeds in one of his musically most exciting works. The almost twenty-minute title track unfolds slowly, but powerfully, extremely proggy and dark, with the necessary large dynamics and a very cool, high-flying floydy synthesizer solo. “Foolin’ myself” shines with a wonderful acoustic guitar. Shamall treats himself to many instrumentals: sometimes neoclassical (“Thoughts”), sometimes spacy (“On the run”), sometimes progmetal (“World of Emotions”). Otherwise, it’s also fitting that he oftenContinue readingReview of Shamall – Schizophrenia from Eclipsed Rock Magazine Germany + Samplertrack of “Music from Time & Space”

Review of the new album “Schizophrenia”. By Stephan Schelle, Musiccircus-magazine

Shamall – Schizophrenia 2L Productions (2019) (22 tracks, 150:38 minutes total playing time) Norbert Krüler aka Shamall has been making music for more than 30 years. At the beginning as he was still on the road as a DJ, he first released electronic music under the pseudonym Shamall in 1989. At the beginning of the 2000’s Shamall switched to Progressive-/Artrock, because he thought that he would repeat himself. The first album in this style was “The Book Of Genesis” in 2001. Since then he has released seven studio albums (including the album “Continuation” with tracks left over from the 2013 album “Turn Off”) in this style. Now Norbert Krüler took six years to record a new album. In the meantime the above mentioned “Continuation” andContinue readingReview of the new album “Schizophrenia”. By Stephan Schelle, Musiccircus-magazine

New Shamall double album “out now”

New Shamall album after almost 6 years Shamall took almost 6 years to release a sequel to his successful album “TURN OFF” (2013) incl. “CONTINUATION”. Why this long time without release? The composer and multi-instrumentalist Norbert Krüler and his fellow musicians Matthias Mehrtens and Anke Ullrich certainly didn’t lack inventiveness. For the self-critical artist, however, even after almost 35 years it is still the greatest challenge to create a worthy follow-up album to the respective predecessor that meets Krüler’s high demands on his own works. One that gives him goose bumps. The artist knows what he owes to his loyal fans of many years: A musical continuation of his previous albums in the styles of Spaceprog, Hardrock, Progmetal and Artrock, which he enriches with newContinue readingNew Shamall double album “out now”