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....and last but not least: Another amazing track of the new SHAMALL double album TURN OFF:

And another NEW Video of the New Shamall "TURN OFF".

NEW Video of the title "The Creeping Dead" from the brandnew album "TURN OFF".

Samples of the new double CD from Shamall "Turn Off":


New Shamall double album "Turn Off" will be released on November, 20th!

Four years after the release of the successful double album "Is this human behavior" Shamall is back now with nearly 160 minutes of great songs full of emotions and finest impressive retro prog.

Even after almost 28 years, the 16th Shamall-release "Turn Off" shows no signs of fatigue at all. While Norbert Krueler basically stayed true to his line, the new album has been enriched with the female voice of vocal artist Anke Ullrich. Whether solo or second voice or choir: These female vocals know how to please. Generally the authentic vocals ensure that the music never turned out too sterile. Once again, "Turn Off " attend to global environmental problems, along the lines, that music is the best medium to provoke thoughts concerning political or ecological issues.

The recent opus "Turn Off" is another proof of Shamall's reputation as "German Pink Floyd with own influences" because of his energetic, dynamic synthesizers and keyboards. This style of playing convinces with great power and clarity and shouldn't be listened to in the background. However the whole album does not turn into another Pink Floyd Clone because of the interplay of keyboards with the guitar of Matthias Mehrtens, who has grown up in the era of Steve Vai, but mutated into an independent musical development with many variants and impressive compositions.

Despite more recent musical influences, the spirit of the 70s and 80s is omnipresent.

Sometimes dreamy lifted, sometimes playful and funky, guitars and synthesizers provide always an exciting battle. Like its predecessors, "Turn Off " is composed of two musical main themes, where vocal passages either finalize or dissolve the arc of suspense. Atmospheric soundscapes, passionately played, arouse curiosity of what comes next.

This album is dramatic and melancholic. Goosebumps guaranteed.


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At this moment Shamall is working passionately on his 25th anniversary album.That's why Shamall
didn't release a new album this year. But the music label "new eye records" re-released Shamall's 2nd album "feeling like a stranger" as a limited edition because of so many inquiries from the fans of this era.
This re-release has been completed with more than 50 minutes previously unreleased bonus material
from the 80's and 90's era.

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And maybe you would like to discover some nice music from our neighbours in Poland:
1. Riverside "Anno domini high definition" - CD + DVD
2. Quidam "Alone together"
3. Pinkroom "Psychosolstice"

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The Webzine "Music Waves", France reviewed the newest Shamall album "Is this human behavior" and recommended it to its audience. Now, they did an interview with Norbert. Below you find the translated version. The original interview is here: Music Waves.

Interview with Music Waves from 29.01.2010

22.11.2009: First review of the new album "Is this human behavior" - click [here]

06.11.2009: New Shamall album "is this human behavior" is coming up on 11/26/09!

Shamall - Is this human behavior 2 CD

On his more recent albums "who do they think they are" to "questions of life" Shamall dealed with dishonest politics or with questions of the meaning of life. With the new concept album "is this human behavior" Shamall addresses himself to social coldness and superficialty of the society.

The 65-minute title theme of the first cd "is this human behavior" shows in a familiar, multi-faceted way with different tension curves, that Norbert Krueler feels musically at home in the psychedelic-progressive era of the seventies and eighties, but without sounding ancient.
But it's not the music itself, which reminds of the well-known musicians of the 70's and 80's - rather the sounds used by Shamall and his inspired way of playing conveys this feeling.

The title theme of the second cd "living incommunicado" goes on with the first cd, but with different melodies and soli. The whole album is another proof, that Shamall is not tired to perfect the work on his musical project.

However, Shamall's 12th album is anything but musical fastfood, which you could listen to only by the way. And as no meaningful speech goes without pathos, Shamall's music is intrinsically tied to pathos as well. But if one likes this kind of music and goes in for musical long tracks, with this album you'll get one's money's worth.

Guest musicians on some tracks are - as on previous shamall releases - Matthias Mehrtens on guitar and Mike Bach on drums.

First sound samples are here.






Just Plain Folks nominee

"Music, that moves...."
JPF Music Award -
4 nominations for Shamall album "ambiguous points of view"!!

The Just Plain Folks Music Awards started in 1999 as a simple way to recognize the best music submitted by members. JPF Founder Brian Austin Whitney felt the music made by the "other 98%" of the music world often ignored by the mainstream televised music awards shows deserved its own recognition. This year artists from all over the world submitted more than 42.000 music albums and 560K+ songs. No easy job for the 8000 members of the jury, who have to nominee the best albums and songs.

The judging criteria is based around one basic concept: Does the music move you? Shamall seems to move - the band is nominated 4 times in two categories (progressive rock album and progressive rock songs).
Shamall - JPF album nominee Prog Rock      Shamall - JPF song nominee Prog Rock


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